Crime in Sports

#270 - Huge Ego, Small Calves - The Stuffness of Marcus "Buff" Bagwell

Episode Notes

This week, we look at a man who was on television, just about every week, for about a decade, which went right to his head.  The problem is, it was gone, all at once. This caused him to spiral into an absolutely insane life, filled with drugs, arrests, more drugs, epic car crashes, and his very own profile, on a top Gigilo website, where he can be rented various increments of time, and very high prices. Oh, and more drugs, arrests, and even more car crashes! A wild one, from start to finish!


Be unsatisfied with the bulk of your calves, have an ego that is bigger than your biceps, and take a bunch of pills & drive your car into the nearest train station bathroom with Marcus "Buff" Bagwell!!


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